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This week marks a special edition of Full-Time Blues Radio. Larry Grisham and Tommy Stillwell, the two founding members of the band, join Johnny Full-Time in studio for conversation about their new album, Hoodoo That We Doo, their performance schedule, and much more. Hoodoo That We Doo is the first album of all original music crafted by Stillwell and Grisham together in more than two decades. It features 11 tracks, and only two of the songs on this CD were written by one or both of the pair. It is one of their most diverse records ever, and was completely executive produced by the band.

Listen to the Complete, Unedited Interview Here!

Hoodoo That We Doo is available now from all major digital retailers, and you can find information on the disc, the performance schedule, and more, at their official website

The Beat Daddys are just one of the bands that are playing at the Blues On The Rock festival, scheduled to take place from Noon-11pm inside Rockport, Indiana’s city park. Other bands performing include Blind Dog Gatewood and Pat Pepin, Laurie Jane & the 45s, Lew Jetton & 61 South, and 2 Miles Back. There is a $5.00 admission, but the event is open to all ages, and will feature plenty of parking for fans. Full-Time Blues Radio is a proud media partner for the Blues On The Rock festival, a collaborative effort between Rockport City Parks Board and the River Basin Blues Society. Find complete details online at the event’s Facebook page Here

1. The Beat Daddys – I Need A Woman – Hoodoo That We Doo
2. The Beat Daddys – Hoodoo Woman – Hoodoo That We Doo
3. Blind Dog – Telluride – Ashbrooke Sessions
4. The Beat Daddys – These Chains – Hoodoo That We Doo
5. The Beat Daddys – Sorry – Hoodoo That We Doo
6. Lew Jetton and 61 South – Show Me – State Line Blues
7. Beat Daddys – Miss Dixie – Delta Vision
8. Laurie Jane and the 45’s – Just to Hold Your Hand (Single)

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