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Courtesy Shakedown Records

Courtesy Shakedown Records

This week’s shift inside the workshop features the new album by The Soul of John Black, as well as a cool Diddley meets Hendrix interpretation of “Who Do You Love?” and a pair of teenage brothers who have already been playing music for newarly ten years!

One of my favorite forms of the Blues is the North Mississippi Hill Country style, and that style is being kept alive by some sincredibly talented folks. One of those men is Lightnin’ Malcolm, and he’s released a brand new album. The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Gettin’ Dark” by Lightnin’ Malcolm. It comes off his highly anticipated new release Foot Soldier. Malcolm went back to his beginnings on this disc, opting to perform as a one man band for all but two of these tracks. He wrote all of the songs on the disc, and produced the record, as well!

You can find out more about this CD, get Malcolm’s tour schedule, and much more on his official website,

1. The Soul Of John Black – Thursday Morning – Early In The Moanin’
2. Reverend Freakchild – Who Do You Love – Illogical Optimism
3. Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen – Beggin’ Jesus – Love & Life
4. The Low Counts – Cant’ They See – Years Pass By
5. Ramblin’ John Jennings – I Saw A Wheel – Illogical Optimism
6. McDowell Brothers – Jam – Tribute To Inspiration
7. The Peterson Brothers – Don’t You Lie To Me – The Peterson Brothers
8. AG Weinberger – Standin’ Around Cryin’ – Mighty Business
9. The Nighthawks – Jana Lea – Back Porch Party
10. Billie Williams – Runnin’ Back – Billie Williams
11. Anni Piper – Blackberry Brandy – More Guitars Than Friends
12. Janiva Magness – When You Hold Me – Love Wins Again
13. Lightnin’ Malcolm – Gettin’ Dark – Foot Soldier

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This week, Full-Time Blues Radio has a lot going on, including new music (of course,) a CD giveaway, and some music videos. The playlist is very diverse, with some Soul Blues, acoustic tunes, New Orleans flair, and a helping of heavy Blues Rock. Check out Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings’ music videos below the playlist.

Courtesy Catfood Records

Courtesy Catfood Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Born to the Blues” by Johnny Rawls. It comes off his 2016 release, Tiger In A Cage, which is available everywhere from Catfood Records, beginning February 19th. The album features 12 songs, nine of which Johnny wrote or co-wrote. The three covers selected here are songs performed by Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, and the Rolling Stones.

Complete information on Johnny Rawls, Tiger In A Cage, and his tour are online at

1. King Louie & LaRhonda Steele – Rock Me Baby – Rock Me Baby
2. Anni Piper – Wonder Woman – More Guitars Than Friends
3. Koko Taylor – You Ain’t Wort A Good Woman – The Best Of Koko Taylor (2015)
4. Racky Thomas – Ready, Willing, & Able – Goin’ Home
5. Macy Blackman & the Mighty Fines – Boogie Woogie Blue Plate – Friskin’ The Whiskers
6. Sista Jean & CB – Take This Hammer – Requiem For A Heavyweight
7. Duke Robillard – Someday Baby – The Acoustic Blues & Roots Of Duke Robillard
8. Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings – Some Kind of Voodoo –
The Voodoo Sessions Live At The Down Under
9. Billy The Kid & The Regulators – I Can’t Change – I Can’t Change
10. Tommy Z – Bags of Cool – Blizzard Of Blues
11. Anthony Gomes – Red Handed Blues – Electric Field Holler
12. Ray Goren – I Need You Here To Stay – Save My Soul EP
13. Johnny Rawls – Born to the Blues – Tiger In A Cage

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This shift of Full-Time Blues Radio features a fantastic selection that includes new releases from legendary names like Duke Robillard and Bobby Rush. There are also stellar tunes by young indie acts like Stolen Hearts and Jason Appleton & Jason Ricci.

Courtesy Delmark Records

Courtesy Delmark Records

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Snaggletooth Mule” by Jimmy Burns. It comes off his new release, It Ain’t Right, which is available now from Delmark Records. It Ain’t Right marks Jimmy’s return to Delmark Records, with the two previously coming together to release four albums previously. The most recent was the concert recording, Live At B.L.U.E.S., released in 2007.

There are 15 songs on It Ain’t Right, including the title cut, a song written by Little Walter. There are also covers of songs by The 5 Royales, Percy Mayfield, Jimmy Reed and Ben E. King. Billy Flynn wrote two new original songs for the disc. Jimmy Burns provides vocals, guitar and harmonica, as always; and he easily slides from Blues to Soul and ends the album with the traditional Gospel of “Wade in the Water.” You can find out more about Jimmy, his band and schedule, and much more, on his official website

1. Duke Robillard – Big Bill Blues – The Acoustic Roots & Blues Of Duke Robillard
2. JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci – Can’t Believe It’s This Good – Dirty Memory
3. Henry Gray & Bob Corritore – Let’s Get High – Vol. 1: Blues Won’t Let Me Take My Rest
4. Stolen Hearts – Already Alright – Dirty Southern Soul
5. Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots – Piana’s Savannah Boogie – Boom Town
6. Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio – How Can This Be – Live In Tuscany
7. Jimi Hocking & Rebecca Davey – Lonesome Day Blues – Live at the Royal Standard
8. Little Boys Blue – Death Letter Blues – Bad Love
9. Tommy McCoy – Sugar Cane – 25 Year Retrospective
10. Bobby Rush – I Wanna Do the Do – Chicken Heads: A 50 Year History Of Bobby Rush
11. Billy Price & Otis Clay – Somebody’s Changing My Sweet Baby’s Mind
This Time For Real
12. Chris Daniels & the Kings – Funky to the Bone – Funky To The Bone
13. Jimmy Burns – Snaggletooth Mule – It Ain’t Right

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This shift on Full-Time Blues Radio features a dozen songs, and every one of them comes off an album that has never been featured on the show before! It’s a part of our continued commitment to bring you the widest variety of new Blues music. In the midst of all of this great new music, you’ll see there are three international releases, this week, from the UK, Finland and Australia!

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Courtesy Up2Zero Ent.

The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Whiskey Train,” a fantastic track off the album Electric Field Holler by Anthony Gomes. This CD was released March 17, 2015, and it debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Top 10 Blues chart. It’s a terrific album of straight ahead Blues Rock. Purists will likely shy away from this release if they can’t handle the heavy stuff; but the folks out there who like their Blues loud are going to eat this up!

Make sure to check out the video located below this week’s playlist. It comes to us from Anthony Gomes’ official YouTube channel, and it takes you behind the scenes of the recording sessions for Electric Field Holler. Anthony wrote or co-wrote all of the songs from this album. You can find complete details on the CD, his tour schedule, and much more, on his official website

Courtesy Red House Records

This week, “The Vinyl Report” has information and a track from Charlie Parr’s upcoming release, Stumpjumper. This is the 13th album overall for this songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, but it marks Charlie Parr’s label debut with Red House Records.

Stumpjumper is scheduled for release on April 28, 2015. It will be available on vinyl-LP, as well as in digital formats and CD. Out of the 12 tracks on the disc, 11 are original compositions; but the song chosen for this week’s show is an original interpretation of a song that has been around for over a century: “Delia.”

1. NMO (North Mississippi Osborne) – Lonely Love – Freedom & Dreams
2. Debbie Davies – It’s All Blues – Love Spin
3. Barbara Blue – Love Is After Me – Memphis Blue – Sweet, Strong & Tight
4. Rusty Wright Band – Ain’t That the Blues – Wonder Man
5. T Belly – Respectable Man – Dead Men Don’t Pray (UK)
6. Sidney Green Street Band – Bama Bounce – SGSB
7. Charlie Parr – Delia – Stumpjumper **Vinyl**
8. Ray Cashman – Let the Good Times Roll – Desolation
9. Clayton Doley – Crooked Crawl – Bayou Billabong (Australia)
10. Slam Allen – All Because of You – Feel These Blues
11. Turn On – Find Another Fool – Diamond In The Rough (Finland)
12. Anthony Gomes – Whiskey Train – Electric Field Holler

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Pack your suitcase, this week, Full-Time Blues Radio is globetrotting across the planet with some Worldwide Blues. “The Great American Music” may have been born here, but it’s roots began overseas, and the music has grown to captivate artists and audiences in every nation. This week’s episode of the show sets out to prove that with a small sample of the Blues beyond our borders. As you look at the playlist, this week, note the parentheses that feature the nation each artist or band hails from. There are 13 songs on this week’s show, and there are 13 countries represented – none of which are the United States.



The featured selection from inside “Johnny’s Mailbox” is “Make It Right,” by Drew Nelson. It appears on his 2014 release The Other Side. Drew Nelson formed a career as a touring musician in Canada, before walking away from it all for roughly eight years. The itch to return to music was spurred on by Steve Marriner, who encouraged Nelson to begin making music once again. Drew and Steve formed a bond when a young Steve Marriner would be welcomed on stage to jam with Drew Nelson’s band. Steve Marriner produced the new album, plays harmonica on some of the tracks, and also helped flesh out some of the songwriting. It’s truly a return to form for Drew Nelson, and the finished product is an album of 11 songs that is gaining buzz across Canada and beyond.

The Other Side is a truly independent release, and it is available now. You can find more information about this album, about Drew Nelson, and so much more, by simply visiting his official website –

1. Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Denmark) – Play On – Too Many Roads
2. Ari Frello (Brazil) – Crossroads – A Simple Man Until The End
3. Hans Theessink (Netherlands) – Kathmandu – Wishing Well
4. Dani Dorchin (Israel) – Take Your Time – One Man Band
5. Little G. Weevil (Hungary) – Moving – Moving
6. The Stayers (Australia) – House Working Man – About Time
7. Bobby Dirninger (France) – Gogo Town – In The End…And Even More
8. Joanne Shaw Taylor (England) – Diamonds in the Dirt – Songs From The Road
9. Makuini (New Zealand) – I Got My Mojo Working – Blues In My Bones
10. Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings (Norway) – Go Cat Go – Latenighters Under A Full Moon
11. Sandi Thom (Scotland) – Sun Comes Crashing Down – Flesh & Blood
12. Linda Valori (Italy) – Your Love is so Doggone Good – Days Like This
13. Drew Nelson (Canada) – Make It Right – The Other Side

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